What is my IP address?

If you've wondered what your IP address External link is, you can use this page to quickly check it:

Your IPv4 address:

Couldn't I get my IP address directly from my computer, you might ask? Try it: first locate the window that displays the status of the network connection that your computer uses to connect to the Internet:

Local area connection status window

The exact method of getting to this information depends on the version of Windows (or other operating system) that you have. It should be somewhere around the properties of your LAN or wireless connection or the network adapter. In any case, after you open this window, click on the Details button to see more information about your connection, like this:

Network Connection Details window

This window shows my IPv4 address as (your window could show a different, but similar address, too). If it's different from the address displayed on this web page above, it's probably because you are connecting to the Internet not directly, but via a router External link . Or, if you are connecting via a proxy External link , then the IP address of the proxy would be shown above. In any case, that's how your Internet connection appears to the world!

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