Personal vs business license for USBCrypt

We offer two kinds of licenses for the continued use of USBCrypt: personal and business.

The personal license is available for purchase at a discount, and it entitles you to use USBCrypt for the home, personal use only. For example, you can use USBCrypt under the personal license to encrypt drives that you use to store your personal files: documents, photos, videos, tax returns, financial records, and so on.

However, if you use USBCrypt to encrypt any files related to your business or employment, you must purchase the business license. For example, if in addition to your personal files you also use your encrypted drives to transport files between your office and home, you must purchase a business license.

The functionality of USBCrypt under the personal or business license is the same, except that when USBCrypt is registered with a business license, it gives you additional choices of the encryption algorithms:

Algorithm available with: USBCrypt personal licenseUSBCrypt business license
Twofish-128 Yes
Twofish-256 Yes
AES-Twofish-512 Yes
XTS modeYesYes
CBC mode Yes

AES-128 stands for Advanced Encryption Standard External link with 128-bit key, and AES-256 selects the same AES algorithm but with the 256-bit key.

Twofish-128 stands for Twofish External link algorithm with a 128-bit encryption key, and Twofish-256 means Twofish encryption with a 256-bit key. Finally, the choice of AES-Twofish-512 gives you the cascade encryption External link algorithm that is a combination of AES-256 and TF-256 with the effective key length of 512 bit.

The XTS encryption mode External link is considered the best choice at the time of this writing. Business customers can also select the CBC mode External link which is an older standard that has some deficiencies, but may be required for compliance with some requirements you might have.

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