1. I bought a windows phone 7 weeks ago.what a p.o.s it is.I can’t get any apps from Microsoft store,it always says Microsoft service unavailable try again later.well 43 days later still no store.should have went with the Jitterbug.Help!!!!!

  2. David: did you try the suggestion in this article? If it still does not work, you may want to contact Microsoft for assistance with the phone.

  3. You were on the money, thank you.

    It’s a bit of a shocker that even though I had the date and time on automatic, it hadn’t updated itself to the current date and time.

    Had been off for a month though and doesn’t have sim in, just using wifi, never the less keeping time and time accurate is a basic.

  4. My date and time are up to date and this is the 8th month still trying
    what must i do cos my cellphone always say ‘the microsoft account service is not available right now, try again later

  5. Mines didn’t work, but after reading the article I was able to getting working again. I guess since the setting was in automatic it waits to talk to the network to get the time, but if you don’t have a sim or working network then the automatic setting will not work. I changed it to manual and added the time, and now it works. Thanks.

  6. I tried all the suggested options but it didn’t worked for me. While installing any app it is showing the error “Microsoft account service unavailable right now. Try again later.” also while updating any app it is showing network problem.
    please suggest if any other thing is there to fix this issue.

  7. This did not help. The date and time are correct, and I tried turning off the auto date just in case, but no good. I can’t update any apps, this has been going on for a few weeks.

  8. I had this problem for 2months now but soon as I changed my wrong date setting then everything can back to normal. Thanks

  9. Have been trying to add Microsoft account the phone can’t connect only shows wait a little while and try again it has been 3-4 days now I can’t download anything

  10. Same here. Was even wondering if flashing the phone could help. I tried all the suggestions here. I even reset my phone, and I can’t even log in to my account for almost a week now

  11. Each time I try to download an app I starts Microsoft account unavailable,I tried to reset my phone but it is till the some,what can I do?

  12. Really sad here, why I reset my phone I don’t know, coz nothing seems to work. I can’t log in to my Microsoft account anymore and thus can’t download apps from the store. Really stack, second day today, but still nothing!!! What do I do if any can be done???? Or its to get rid of Nokia??? Really stack.. Anyone help please!!!

  13. Its now coming to a month and I can’t install or update any app on my phone, all I get is an error message saying Microsoft account is unavailable right now. Try again later. Am really tired of this damn thing. Beginning to hate my phone

  14. Every time i try to download Apps on my windows phone,it wont work,i dont know what to do.i have also tried to create a microsoft account with my phone ,but its not working and i have data,because of this am fed up of using windows phone because i dont enjoy the use of it.

  15. i also have a problem connecting to the store .
    my phone always tells me microsoft account
    unavailable.i try to create one but i cannot

  16. I can’t update or download anything. It says my Microsoft account is unavailable.

  17. Sorry to tell you, but I tried this on a Windows 8.1 laptop and got the same error. I tried with every option and nothing changed. I still got the “Sorry, we couldn’t connect to Microsoft Services right now. If this problem persists, search for “network problems” on the Start screen.” when I try and create an account. Everything else works but that. I have tried every solution I can find but nothing works.

  18. Cant download anything always showing there has been a problem completing your request.Try again later

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