1. Really sad here, why I reset my phone I don’t know, coz nothing seems to work. I can’t log in to my Microsoft account anymore and thus can’t download apps from the store. Really stack, second day today, but still nothing!!! What do I do if any can be done???? Or its to get rid of Nokia??? Really stack.. Anyone help please!!!

  2. Its now coming to a month and I can’t install or update any app on my phone, all I get is an error message saying Microsoft account is unavailable right now. Try again later. Am really tired of this damn thing. Beginning to hate my phone

  3. Every time i try to download Apps on my windows phone,it wont work,i dont know what to do.i have also tried to create a microsoft account with my phone ,but its not working and i have data,because of this am fed up of using windows phone because i dont enjoy the use of it.

  4. i also have a problem connecting to the store .
    my phone always tells me microsoft account
    unavailable.i try to create one but i cannot

  5. I can’t update or download anything. It says my Microsoft account is unavailable.

  6. Sorry to tell you, but I tried this on a Windows 8.1 laptop and got the same error. I tried with every option and nothing changed. I still got the “Sorry, we couldn’t connect to Microsoft Services right now. If this problem persists, search for “network problems” on the Start screen.” when I try and create an account. Everything else works but that. I have tried every solution I can find but nothing works.

  7. Cant download anything always showing there has been a problem completing your request.Try again later

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