Migrating encrypted data from TrueCrypt to USBCrypt

If you've been using the popular encryption software TrueCrypt External link , you are probably aware that its anonymous development team had announced recently that they are discontinuing the development of TrueCrypt, and advising its users to migrate their encrypted files to other software solutions. While it's not entirely clear which "unfixed security issues" the developers refer to in their announcement, it's probably a good idea to start looking for an alternative to TrueCrypt.

If you've used TrueCrypt to encrypt an external drive, then our USBCrypt is an obvious choice: we've designed it specifically to make the encryption of the external drives easy and straightforward. (And yes, it's as secure as it can be.)

If you've got a new external drive where you want to move your data from a TrueCrypt volume, the procedure is quite simple: all you need to do is use USBCrypt software to create a new empty Virtual Encrypted Disk on the external drive, then mount the TrueCrypt volume and use Windows Explorer (or any other file manager you like) to copy the files from the TrueCrypt volume to the Virtual Encrypted Disk created with USBCrypt. After the copying is all done, the data have been migrated! You can now delete the TrueCrypt volume and use that external drive for other purposes.

What if you don't have another external drive and want to convert the same drive from TrueCrypt to USBCrypt? That's not a problem, too: you surely have a backup of the data in some other place, right? Or, if this is a backup drive, then you have the master copy of the files on your computer, correct? So in such a case, first make sure the second copy (the master or the backup) of the data is in good condition and up-to-date, and then just format the external drive, use USBCrypt to create a fresh new Virtual Encrypted Disk on it, and then copy the files from the master or from the backup onto the encrypted disk using Windows Explorer or another file manager.

Happy encrypting!

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