Integrating AB Commander with Universal Viewer

AB Commander comes with a built-in image viewer that lets you quickly see the images on your computer directly, without opening a dedicated image viewing or editing application. To view an image in such a way, just select its file in AB Commander and press Ctrl+I.

The built-in image viewer of AB Commander

The image viewer of AB Commander can display the most common image files, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF, but what if you want to view files of other types, such as PDFs or DOCs, without opening the regular PDF viewer or Microsoft Word? There are several third party file viewers that can be used to view such files, and you can set up such an application as an external viewer within AB Commander.

Let's show how to do that using Universal Viewer External link as an example of such an external viewer. (Note that as of this writing, Universal Viewer comes in two flavors: the Free and the Pro.)

First, you need to download and install Universal Viewer External link on your computer. If you have chosen to download the free version, pay attention to the optional software it may offer to install in addition to Universal Viewer itself: if you don't want the additional software, decline the offer.

After Universal Viewer is installed, the next step is to set it up as the external viewer of AB Commander: choose View - Options from the menu of AB Commander, select the Tools tab, select Quick Viewer in the drop-down list and press the Options button next to External:

Options for external viewer of AB Commander

Then, enter the path to the external viewer application, and also specify %1 in the Command line parameters box (%1 is the placeholder for the selected file, and it needs to be enclosed in the double quotes to allow for the files with spaces in their names to be passed to the viewer application correctly):

Setting up Universal Viewer as the external Quick Viewer of AB Commander

That's it! From now on, if you want to view a file using Universal Viewer, select the file within AB Commander and press Ctrl+Shift+I:

Universal Viewer as the external Quick Viewer of AB Commander

Happy file managing!

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