Forget your Wi-Fi password? Find it in Windows 11 and 10 settings

If you need to connect a new device to your WI-FI network, but you can't remember the WI-FI password, because your Windows laptop connects to it automatically, and it's been too long since you had to enter the password, you can easily find out the stored password using the Windows Settings app.

The procedure depends on the version of Windows that you have, because Microsoft keeps tweaking the user interface. We need to open the screen that shows the status of the WI-FI network adapter. In Windows 10, click on the Windows Start buttons, choose Settings, and click on Network & Internet. When that screen opens, select Status in the left pane, and scroll down to the Network and Sharing Center link:

Network and sharing center link

Click on Network and Sharing Center, and on the next screen click the link to your wi-fi connection:

WI-FI connection properties link

If you have Windows 11, the procedure is different: click the Start button, choose Settings, search for Adapter, select Manage Network Adapter settings in the search results, then scroll down to the Related settings area, and click More Network Adapter options. On that screen, right-click the Wi-Fi adapter of your computer and select Status from the menu.

On the Wi-Fi Status screen, press the Wireless properties button:

WI-FI Status wireless properties button

Finally, on the next screen select the Security tab, click on Show characters, and the wi-fi password should become visible in the Network security key box:

WI-FI password is displayed in the Network security key box

Now you can use this password to connect another device to your WI-FI network.

Happy web surfing!

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