SoftDetective for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (free software)

Solve software mysteries on your PC

SoftDetective SoftDetective is a software utility that you can use to monitor other programs running on your computer and see the changes they make to your files, folders, and the registry settings. If you suspect that some software is doing something that it shouldn't, you can use SoftDetective to examine the activity of the program and see exactly what it is doing to your PC. Soft Detective is free, no payment is required to use it.

See what other programs are doing to your PC

You can use SoftDetective to monitor the installations of other programs, to see which files they are installing on your computer, and what kind of changes they make to the registry settings. SoftDetective can also observe the changes made during the removal of other programs, letting you see whether the uninstall procedure removes all its files properly or leaves something behind.

With SoftDetective you can:

  • See the files and folders that are created, modified, renamed, or deleted by a specific program. See the differences in their sizes, the time stamps, the file names, and even the portions of the text files that were modified.
  • See the changes that the program you have selected to monitor has made to Windows Registry: which registry keys it's added, deleted, or updated, and see exactly what has changed.
  • You can select to launch the programs to monitor them from the very beginning, or observe the already running processes. You can also monitor the uninstall activity of the previously installed applications.
  • If a program being monitored deletes a file, SoftDetective saves the original copy in a temporary folder, letting you examine that copy or restore it back, if you want.
  • If a program being monitored modifies a text file, SoftDetective saves the original copy in a temporary folder, letting you can examine both the original and the updated versions and even use a third-party diff viewer to analyze the changes in detail.
  • In addition to seeing the activity reports on the computer screen, you can also export them into the text or HTML files and print them out.

Is this software compatible with Windows 11 and 10?

Yes, SoftDetective is fully compatible with Windows 11 and 10, as well as with Windows 8, and 7. (Both the 32- and 64-bit version of Windows are supported.)

Is SoftDetective free?

Yes, SoftDetective is free software, you don't need to pay anything to download or use it.

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