How to unhide a hidden folder with Folder Guard

If you've used Folder Guard to lock a folder with a password, it's obvious how to unprotect such a folder: just double-click on the folder's icon, enter your password, and the folder would be unlocked. However, what if you have set up the folder to be hidden altogether? In such a case, when you browse your computer, you would not see the folder in the Explorer windows, and there would be no icon to double-click on! So, how to unlock the folder if it's invisible?

The solution is simple: use any of the available methods offered by Folder Guard to pause the protection, and that should make any hidden folders instantly visible:

Pause protection of Folder Guard

Folder Guard offers several tools to display such a screen:

  • You can pause or resume the protection at any time by running Folder Guard using its Desktop shortcut or Windows Start menu.

  • You may want to set up a hot key to give yourself quick access to the Pause/Resume Protection command by pressing a key combination of your choice.

  • You can also enable the option to display a Folder Guard icon on Windows taskbar next to the clock, and click on that icon to get access to the Resume/Pause Protection command:

Folder Guard taskbar notification icon

When you are done using the folder, how to hide the hidden folder back? Use any of the same tools listed above, but this time choose to Resume the protection:

Resume protection of folders with Folder Guard

Happy computing!

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