Translators wanted!

We are looking for volunteers to help us translate our software to languages other than the original English. If our software is not available in your language yet, and you are willing to spend a few hours translating from English to your language, we want to hear from you! In return, if your translation is accepted, we will give you a free Professional license to our software.

Before applying, consider the following:

  • You must be a native speaker of the target language.

  • You must be an experienced software user, familiar with the common software terminology used in software products.

  • You must be attentive to detail. (If you are a perfectionist, that's a plus!)

  • If we accept you to be a translator, we will expect you to complete the translation in a timely manner, usually in about a week or so. If we don't hear from you within a few days after you start the translation, we will assume you are no longer interested, and we may start looking for someone else to do the translation.

You must be familiar with the PO files and PO Edit software to perform the translation. This software is easy to learn and use, but try it first to see if you can use it. You can use this sample PO file to try the PO Edit software and see if you are comfortable with it. (Right-click on the sample PO file link and choose to save the file to your computer. Then open the PO file with the PO Edit software.)

You think you can do it? Here is how it will work:

  1. Use the Contact us page to tell us a bit about yourself: what language you want to translate to, what kind of experience you have, etc.

  2. If we accept your offer, we will send you a PO file to translate. The file contains between 550 and 600 phrases, some are short, some are longer. The number of words to translate is between 4500 and 5000.

  3. You would use the PO Edit software to translate the PO file and send the translated PO file back to us.

  4. We would make a beta version of the software using your translation, and send it to you to check it out. If something can be improved, you are welcome to update the translations, and send us an improved PO file. We would use it to prepare another beta version. We can do several revisions like that, until you tell us that the translated software looks good and ready.

  5. We will test the final version of the translated software and make it available for download by other users.

As a thank-you for your contribution, we will send you a free Professional license key. We can also add a 'translated by' credit to the About screen of the software, if you wish, with a link leading to your web site or blog, if you have it.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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