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Password-protect and hide personal files and folders with Folder Guard for Windows 10,8,7, and XP.
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Our Folder Guard software offers many different ways of protecting files, folders, and programs, including some advanced methods that are useful mostly in the business environments and have little practical use at home. We thought it would be unfair to expect the home users of Folder Guard to pay the full price of the software for the features they would not use anyway, so we created a less expensive option specifically designed for the home users. If you have registered Folder Guard with a Home license that was described as for the home, personal use only, the following limitations apply:

  • The filters are not available for use with the Home licenses. You can still see the list of filters in the Filters view, but you would not be able to enable them for actual use. To use the filters, purchase one of the business licenses, such as the Professional or Office license.
  • If you have purchased a Home, personal license, the shared folders cannot be protected with passwords for use by the network users. You should still be able to set up folder passwords for the local users.
  • Even if you are a business user who doesn't need the filters or the network passwords, you are still not authorized to use the Home license on a business computer. The Home license can be used only on a personal computer that is not used for any business or employment-related tasks.
  • To install Folder Guard on a Windows Server, an office license for 10 computers or more must be purchased. Without such a license, you can install Folder Guard on a server in the trial mode only. Remember that even if you are going to install Folder Guard on the server computer only, you must still count all other computers on the network that may connect to the server to include in your license.

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  1. Reading through your faqs I am still confused about the licensing for Home use. I have a desktop and a laptop. Am I therefore required to get two licenses?

  2. Roy: you need one license for two computers. If you don’t use either of your computers for any employment or business-related tasks, you may purchase the Home license for 2 computers. Otherwise, you need to purchase a business license. Hope this clarifies it!

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