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AB Commander is THE BEST Windows Explorer replacement ever. Have tried most of them on the market and without a doubt AB Commander had the best interface, functions, and usability of them all. Love the split panel feature, makes copying and moving a breeze. My only fault is that it is not on every machine. When I have to work on a customer machine quickly, it is such a drag trying to us Windows Explorer. Keep up the great work!

Regards, Chris Starre Starre Enterprises, Inc. (NC, USA)

I've been using AB Commander for many many years now (even before it was called AB Commander), and I have to say that I'd be absolutely lost without it! My various work-related activities require me to shuffle files around on a regular basis, and the side-by-side 2-panel design makes such tasks *so* easy to accomplish. That feature alone would be enough to garner my loyalty, but the program includes tons of other features that are just as dependable and impressive. Over the years I've tried many different file manager utilities, and while many of them are top-notch, I still always come back to AB Commander as my go-to product. It's one of those programs that I always load first thing in the morning, and keep it loaded and ready to go until the end of my day. And I'd also add that the very few times that I've had an issue over the years, the author is *always* right there to quickly provide a solution. I just can't say enough good things about both the product, and the author!

Rich Holler, RMH Computer Services (Indiana)

For the past four years I have been using AB Commander daily and have found this to be a great product. Particularly the - 1. split window functionality, 2. copy to clipboard and 3. compare folders/synchronize options.

I started using the freeware version, then soon swapped over to the full product and have not been disappointed.

Keep up the good work.

Regards, Les Smith (Australia)

I just finished installing AB Commander onto my XP64 system about 10 minutes ago and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I purchased AB Commander because you have a native 64 bit version of your software. Before going over to 64 bit I was using xplorer2. After all, who can tolerate Windows Explorer for more than 10 minutes? Well, your offering was immediately comfortable to use and in the last few minutes I managed to test drive it by performing many of the normal things I do. I can't tell you how impressed I am that it is so intuitive. It just works in a very straight forward and friendly yet powerful way. Good work guys and thank you.

Vannon Stambaugh (Japan)

Dear WinAbility,

I have been using AB Commander XP for several years now. I have found it so very useful in transferring files and also maintaining my different drives.

This program has been a constant friend in helping make my computing life easier.

Thanks for the great program.


Charles Ed Hennen Jr. (California)

AB Commander provides a windows user the ability to perform many tasks essential tasks at the disk level with half the keystrokes and in half the time that would be required using windows explorer. Additionally, numerous other functions are available to the user which in windows would require individual utilities for each function. AB Commander is a powerful piece of software.

James B. "Nardie" Vine, Jr., ARA, FRICS, CRE Vine and Associates

I've been using AB Commander has been an essential replacement for windows explorer since 2000, the twin panes offer a far better user experience than one. Plus the whole UI is very well designed to be intuitive and efficient to use. All in all very highly recommended.

Steve Townsend

We have been working with AB Commander for many years in our school office. We use AB Commander as the main entrance frame into all digital documents. It is fast, easy to work and has some very nice features such as favorites menue, copy name and path of a file to the clipboard and fast rename feature.

I hope that this rename feature will be a little bit easier to work in the new version. Like one window showing the current name of the file and the other window the intended new name (if changes have taken place). And an undo function would also be great.

Thank you very much for this great working tool!

Ueli Frischknecht, Schulleitung

I have used AB Commander now for many years. It gives me quick and easy access to my files on stage at a moments notice. I can navigate with the minimum of fuss, AB Commander’s reliability is unquestionable, and I wouldn’t trust anything else.

Michael Gant Live Performance Singer/Musician

I just installed the upgrade to AB Commander 7.0. I have been using the 6.* version for some time. Both are well ahead of Explorer, which was never my standard anyhow. I still retained an old copy of Norton's File manager lifted out of their long defunct Norton Navigator. Nothing really equaled that antique, I thought, until your 7.0 version. Finally a solid product for those of us who need a HD browser for file management. This is a superb product.

The only improvement I can see is a means of storing finds. I sometimes need to find a lost file, and like to run a search of a defined file type for the entire drive. The old Norton File Manager had a utility called "Smart Tabs" that could store predefined filter finds. That feature would be helpful if included in a future upgrade, but it is hardly an essential. Your product,for me, is the most useful and practical utility I have. Thanks for the good work.

PS - The ability to print out the directories to a spread sheet format forms the backbone of our QA/QC procedures for managing a photo library of foreclosed REO properties. Couldn't get along without it.

Robert Hardy (Texas)

So far, very nice to use. My only suggestion would be that when AB Commander initially opens and attempts to reconnect to the last folders used, if the last folder is a non-local (network) folder, you do not attempt to connect, but rather ask whether to attempt a connection or merely indicate that it is a remote folder. This is because many times we have not yet connected to the remote network where the folder resides (usually via a vpn), so that there is a lengthy wait until AB Commander times out attempting to connect.

Jon H. Grube

AB Commander is the best SW product and purchase I have ever made. Awesome functionality with a side-by-side view and preserving all date/time/owner/etc metadata through several data migrations from laptop to external USB drive to SD cards to the next laptop.

Nothing else I've found works like AB Commander. Others that I've tried, native tools and various utilities out there in the freeware space will not preserve metadata of both files and folders when you copy/paste or drag and drop from one "explorer app" to another, or even within the same explorer type app. It's as if this extremely useful features was just never considered important. But drag and drop 150GB from a laptop drive to a USB drive or SD card and - if it even works - hours to days later you will find that all you photos and docs have the datestamp of the day you did the copy-paste.

I downloaded the free AB Commander trial without much enthusiasm, since I've tried dozens of other apps only to be disappointed. The free/trial AB Commander version was complete, nothing held back, and it is FAST. Once I was satisfied that the metadata was intact on my test set, I set to work making backups of my two laptops, photos, videos, files, everything. It all went flawlessly and FAST. Impressive as heck,

I immediately plunked down the 2-laptop license fee and made both my laptops full-on licensed AB Commander units. Not a high cost for two laptops, and I love that they have such a perfect license arrangement for me. A match made in heaven, this SW has my highest recommendation.

Brian Rawlings

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