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I live in a large family in Bangladesh. There are many curious users of my computer when I am away. As a result I have been looking for a software which will enable me to hide my secret files from the curious users of my personal computer. Fortunately one day, some two years ago while surfing in the Internet I came across the Winability.com sight by chance and there I found the software I needed so much. I downloaded the software "MySecretFolder" and ever since I have been using the software to my complete satisfaction.

During my use of the software I have found it very simple, easy to use and totally dependable. It has not failed me even once during my over two years of use. The program has many features which make it unique. Besides, the graphics are very attractive and easy to handle. The Icons are lively and colourful! As a regular surfer in the Internet I strongly feel that "MySecretFolder" is an excellent software worth its name and there is none like it in the Internet.

One point more! One is simply amazed to find the genuine interest of the Winability authority to help its customer. They never fail to respond to your queries mostly within 48 hours.

Megh Dut (Bangladesh)

My name is Mario Britto and I am from Brazil. I started to use My Secret Folder because I desired to have protection to my personal folders and files. My useful information, sensible files, personal stuff, everything that I don't want to be accessed from anyone that might use my computer - as my kids - are hidden by My Secret Folder!

I put all this files and folders under one main folder, and that one is protected. It helps me to organize these kind of stuff in one location. And because it can be arranged to be protected via password and hidden from any user, it really helps me a lot. No one but me knows about that. So, no one fells curious about any locked folder... it really dosenĀ“t exist. It really works for me since 2005.

Best Regards


Hi, I have been using My Secret Folder since 2004 and it has been very useful.

I share my home office computer with my wife and kids and there isn't better way to keep confidentiality on my personal data like: income tax return; bank accounts; investments and even some private videos.

Best Regards

Joao Francisco N Trad, Brazil, SP

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