Frequently Asked Questions about MySecretFolder software

Can I use this software with a Mac, iPad, or an Android device?

No, sorry, this software is for Windows only. It is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, or 7 only. It may also work with the older versions of Windows such as Vista, or XP, but we no longer test such systems. MySecretFolder is NOT compatible and cannot be used with Windows ME, 98, 95, NT4, or 2000.

What happens when the 30 Free Days expire?

This software comes with a built-in license that allows you to use it for free for the first 30 days after the installation. When this initial evaluation period expires, MySecretFolder continues to operate as usual, except that it starts to display a reminder message informing you that the evaluation period has expired.

Note that if someone else is using your computer while the reminder message is displayed, they can click on the message and that would disable the protection of your secret folder. To prevent other users from being able to access your protected files, purchase a license for the continued use of the software before the expiration of your evaluation period.

I've lost MySecretFolder password. What should I do?

Click the Reset password link on the window that prompts you to enter the password, then enter your license key information into the form. If the license key matches the license key of the software on your computer, it will reset the password and let you open your secret folder.

Will MySecretFolder encrypt my files?

No, MySecretFolder does NOT encrypt or otherwise modify your files in ANY WAY. MySecretFolder protects your files dynamically: it intercepts requests from other programs to open files or list the contents of folders, and then rejects such requests for the files in the folder you have chosen to protect. The files and folders themselves remain undisturbed during this process, in their original condition.

As a result of such design, there is no danger of losing your documents if you lose your encryption key. On the other hand, your secret folder is protected only on your computer, where MySecretFolder is installed and configured. If you require your private files to be protected even when taken to another computer, or when Windows or MySecretFolder are not activated, then you need an encryption program, like our USBCrypt software.

How do I set up MySecretFolder to protect the folder even in the "safe" mode?

Select the option to enable the protection in the safe mode of Windows when setting up the secret folder. NOTE: We DO NOT recommend enabling the protection in the safe mode, because if a conflict between MySecretFolder and some other software you have on your computer occurs, you may not be able to use the safe mode to troubleshoot the problem, until you disable the operation of MySecretFolder in the safe mode. Before you enable the protection in the safe mode, at the very least, you should have an emergency recovery disc available and know how to use the troubleshooting tools it contains. We do NOT provide support regarding such issues.

Can I protect more than one folder?

No, MySecretFolder can protect only one folder at a time. (If you select another folder to protected, the previously protected folder will become unprotected.) However, the secret folder can contain an unlimited number of subfolders and files, and all of them will be protected when you protect the secret folder. If you need to protect several unrelated folders at the same time, consider using another product of ours, Folder Guard, that can protect an unlimited number of files and folders, as well as has many other capabilities not available in MySecretFolder software.

Can I protect the "virtual" folders such as My Computer?

No, MySecretFolder cannot protect such folders, only the "real" folders (that is, the folders that actually exist on your hard disk and which you can use to store arbitrary files) can be protected with it.

Can I protect a folder on a removable or network drive?

No, MySecretFolder cannot protect such folders, only the a folder located on your hard drive can be protected with it.

If you need a removable drive to be protected, consider using another product of ours, USBCrypt, specifically designed to protect the external drives with strong encryption.

Will my anti-virus program protect files in the secret folder?

If you hide your secret folder, then virtually no program, including the anti-virus one, will see or be able to open the files in the protected folder. To allow your anti-virus program to check all your files for viruses, you need to disable the protection before scanning your hard drive for viruses.

Will my backup program back up the files located in the secret folder?

It depends on the backup program you have. If the backup is performed in the DOS mode, or some other mode when Windows is not operating, then MySecretFolder will not be protecting your files, and the backup program should be able to backup all your files, as usual. If, however, your backup program runs under Windows, when folder protection is in effect, then it will have no access to your protected files, and it will not back them up! To allow your backup program to backup your protected files, you need to disable the protection before starting the backup program. Don't forget to test your backup set of files to make sure your protected files have actually been backed up!

Can I use the same license key to install MySecretFolder on several computers?

Yes, you can use the same license key, provided that you are installing it on no more computers than included in your license. For information on our site license and quantity discounts, please visit our Online Store.

Use it for FREE for 30 days!

Try it for 30 days with no obligation to continue, no strings attached, no "nag messages" displayed to other users, and see for yourself how MySecretFolder can be of use to you. If you don't like it, simply use the Apps (or Programs and Features command of Windows Control Panel to uninstall it from your computer, that's it.

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