When you run Encryptability application, it displays the list of the Virtual Encrypted Disks that you've created:

The Virtual Encrypted Disks that have been started have the green shield icons in front of their names, and their assigned drive letters are shown in the Drive column. If a Virtual Encrypted Disk has not been started yet, it has the red shield icon instead.

You can use Encryptability application to manage the Virtual Encrypted Disks, using the commands on its menu, available on the top bar below the title, or by using the shortcut menu displayed when you right-click with the mouse. Most commands operate on the currently selected items. You can select one item at a time by clicking it with the mouse, or you can select several items by using the checkboxes next to each item. Note that some commands (such as Rename) can operate only when exactly one item is selected and they would apply to the selected items only, while some other commands can operate on several selected items at once. Note also that some commands can only be used when the selected Virtual Encrypted Disks are stopped; if that's not the case Encryptability will prompt you to stop the Virtual Encrypted Disks when necessary.

The File menu offers the following commands:

The Encryption menu offers the following commands:

The View menu offers the following commands:

The Help menu offers the several maintenance commands that you can use to open the User's Guide, enter or update the license information, or check for updates to Encryptability software.

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