You have probably noticed that after you've installed Encryptability, it put a small icon on the system tray (also known officially as the "taskbar notification area"):

If you don't see this icon, it could be because your computer is configured not to display all icons available. To make it display the Encryptability icon, right-click on an empty area of the taskbar, choose Taskbar settings from the menu, and then click on the link in the Notification area part that reads Select which icons appear on the taskbar. (This procedure may be different in your version of Windows).

When the Encryptability taskbar icon is visible, you can click (or right-click) on it to display a menu that you can use to perform different actions related to Encryptability:

Besides the commands to stop, start, or display properties of the Virtual Encrypted Disks, the menu contains other commands that you may find useful:

If for some reason you don't want the Encryptability icon to appear on the taskbar, you can hide it using the Windows Taskbar Settings screen, or by deselecting the appropriate option on the Encryptability Settings screen.

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