The next step of the wizard lets you choose a password to protect the Virtual Encrypted Disk:

Of course, choosing a good password is tricky. It should be long and complex enough to be hard to guess by others, yet easy enough to remember for you. A strong password should contain a mix of the lower- and -upper-case characters, as well as a few digits and special characters.

Remember that the passwords used by USBCrypt are case-sensitive (that is, Apple, APPLE, and apple are considered different passwords. The maximum number of characters a password may contain is 64.

If you've decided to choose a complex password, you may find the Display password option handy: it lets you see the passwords you are entering in plain view, as they really are. (Just make sure no one is looking over your shoulder before choosing to reveal your password in this way!

Note that if you are still evaluating USBCrypt (that is, you have not purchased a license for its continued use yet), you will see the following warning:

This message reminds you that during the evaluation period USBCrypt is using the "weak" password protection: it allows anyone to recover the "weak" password easily. If you have already purchased a license for the continued use of USBCrypt and entered your license key into the program, then the full, strong password protection will be used and you will not see this message.

Besides choosing the encryption password, you can also select a few related options:

Next step: Formatting the Virtual Encrypted Disk

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