The View menu of Folder Guard offers the following commands:


Switches the user interface of Folder Guard to a different language.


Selects the font to be used in the user interface of Folder Guard.

Locked folders

Switches to the Locked view.

Restricted folders and files

Switches to the Restricted view.

Folder Tree

Switches to the Folders view.


Switches to the Filters view.

Trusted users and programs

Switches to the Trusted view.


Switches to the Options view.


Shows or hides the toolbar.

Status bar

Shows or hides the status bar.

View bar

Shows or hides the View bar.

User bar

Shows or hides the User bar.

Add network location

Adds a network folder to the tree to make you able to protect access to the network folders at that location from this computer. Note that if you add a mapped network drive with this command, it will be automatically replaced with the target network location that the drive letter is mapped onto.

Remove network location

Removes the network folder from the tree of Folder Guard. It also removes any restrictions from any files or subfolders under that network location that you might have previously set up with Folder Guard. This command is disabled if the currently selected item is not a top-level network folder.

Expand/Compact the tree

This command is only available in the Folders view. It collapses all branches of the folder tree which have only subfolders with the default attributes and it also expands all branches which have subfolders with the non-default attributes.

Refresh all

Updates the all folders in the main window of Folder Guard. Use this command after you have renamed or created a new folder or file, to make Folder Guard display the updated names of the files and folders in its window. If you want to refresh only a specific folder, switch to the Folders view, right-click on the folder, and use the Refresh command on the context menu displayed.

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