The Folder Guard Administrator's Kit is a set of tools designed to help system administrators with the deployment and management of Folder Guard on a large network using Active Directory and Group Policy.

The kit contains the following files:

Note: This Kit is not necessary if all you want is password-protect a folder on the server and allow the client computers to unlock the folder over the network. In such a case, install Folder Guard on the server as usual and use it to set up the password protection of a shared folder on the server itself. The client computers connecting to the server do NOT need the Folder Guard software installed on them, they can unlock the password-protected folder on the server directly.

For other uses, such as to protect client computers from downloading unauthorized programs, etc., you do need to install Folder Guard software on the client computers. This Kit may help you automate such a task.

If you used an older version of the Kit that included an Administrative Template (.ADM) file to manage the restrictions, note that the current version of the Kit no longer includes such a file, because it is no longer necessary: Folder Guard can now be used to store the necessary settings directly in the GPOs, without the need to use the ADM files. If you used a previous version of Folder Guard that used to come with an ADM file, you should remove that ADM template from the GPO object and use Folder Guard program instead.

The basic steps involved in using the Administrator's Kit are as follows:

The Folder Guard Administrator's Kit is available as a separate download. Please contact us if you are interested in ordering the kit.

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