How to download and install Folder Guard

1. Click the button below to start the download of Folder Guard 22.5:

2. Your web browser may ask you where to save the setup file. If so, select the folder where you usually save the files you download from the Internet. Or, your browser may save the file automatically into the default Downloads folder without asking you to confirm.

3. It may take a few seconds (or minutes) to download the file. After the download is finished, your web browser may prompt you to open or run the file you've downloaded. If it does, choose to open or run the file. If no such prompt is shown, then open File Explorer, navigate to the folder where you have saved the file (such as the Downloads folder) and double-click the file you have just downloaded, named FolderGuard-v.22.5-setup.exe or similar (Note that the last part of the name, .exe may or may not be visible, depending on your Windows settings.)

4. The Folder Guard setup wizard should start. Follow its screens, and after it's finished you will have Folder Guard installed and ready for use.

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