Both Encryptability  and USBCrypt  are encryption products that are used to create and manage Virtual Encrypted Disks. Both of these products allow you to create Virtual Encrypted Disks on both the internal and external storage devices, and access the encrypted files via the virtual drive letters, just like the real drives. They both use the same encryption methods and algorithms, and offer the same strength and protection against unauthorized access to the encrypted files and folders.

They differ, however, in the ways they handle the Virtual Encrypted Disks: Encryptability was designed to better handle the Virtual Encrypted Disks on the stationary storage, such as non-removable hard drives, while USBCrypt is better suited for handling encryption of the removable drives.

Here are some of the specific differences you may want to consider when deciding which product, USBCrypt or Encryptability to use in each situation.

You can use both USBCrypt and Encryptability on the same computer, but keep in mind that each Virtual Encrypted Disk can be controlled by only one product as the same time. (You can convert the Virtual Encrypted Disks from the Encryptability format to USBCrypt and back.)

Or, you can choose only one of the products, USBCrypt or Encryptability, that matches the way you work better. If you are not sure which one to choose, you are welcome to try them before purchasing: each product comes with a built-in license for a free 30-day evaluation use.

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