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Encryptability® is a software utility that you can use to create secure local storage on your computer to keep your sensitive files from unauthorized access.

Encryptability is the "on-the-fly" encryption software, that works by creating a Virtual Encrypted Disk inside the host folder and protecting it with the password of your choosing. You decide how large the Virtual Encrypted Disk should be: it can take all of the available space of the host disk, or only a fraction of it. After you've created a Virtual Encrypted Disk with Encryptability, you can enter your password to start the Virtual Encrypted Disk and use it just like any real disk: you can browse it with Windows Explorer or any other software you have, copy files to it, or move them back to your main hard disk, save documents to the Virtual Encrypted disk and open them when needed, and so on. Any file that you move to the Virtual Encrypted Disk gets encrypted transparently, without you having to do anything special. When you open a document or move a file out of the Virtual Encrypted Disk, it gets decrypted automatically on the fly. When you no longer need to work with the private files, stop the Virtual Encrypted Disk and it will become locked with your password again.

When you run Encryptability software, it displays the list of the Virtual Encrypted Disks you have created that you can use to rename, move to different locations, delete the Virtual Encrypted Disks you no longer need, and so on:

How strong is the encryption of Encryptability?

Encryptability uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)  with the key strength of 128 or 256 bits. (Business customers have the option of using several other encryption algorithms, as well). This encryption is very strong: there is currently no realistic method that can break such encryption. Checking all possible keys would take a long, long time  (longer than the age of the Universe). The only way to get access to the files protected with Encryptability is to provide the correct password. This is the good news; the bad news is that if you forget your password, there would be no way to get your files back. To protect you from such an unpleasant situation, Encryptability offers you an option to create a spare key file on your computer.

Is there a limit for the number of Virtual Encrypted Disks that can be created with Encryptability?

No, there is not such a limit: you can create as many Virtual Encrypted Disks as you like. For example, you may want to create one Virtual Encrypted Disk to keep the family photos, another one for the tax returns or financial documents, and yet another one for that novel you've been writing. Or, you may want to create just one large Virtual Encrypted Disk and organize different files by keeping them in separate folders. If you decide to have several Virtual Encrypted Disks, each of them can have its own password, or you can use the same password for each one, it's all up to you. And if you change your mind at some point, you can always delete the Virtual Encrypted Disks you no longer need and create new ones, any time you like.

Is administrator access needed to use Encryptability?

Just like with most other software, the administrator rights are required to install Encryptability on a computer. The administrator rights are also necessary to create or delete the Virtual Encrypted Disks. However, after you've created a Virtual Encrypted Disk, the administrative rights are NOT required to actually use the encrypted files.

Any other questions?

Please see the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions.

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