The View menu of AB Commander offers the following commands that you can use to control the appearance of AB Commander:

Tabs - Open in New Tab

Opens the selected folder in a new tab.

Tabs - Duplicate Current Tab

Opens the current folder in a new tab.

Tabs - Close Current Tab

Closes the current tab.

Tabs - Switch to Next Tab

Switches to the next tab.

Tabs - Switch to Previous Tab

Switches to the previous tab.

Tabs - Options for Tabs

Opens the Options for Tabs screen that you can use to change options related to the tabs.

Tabs - Disable/Enable Tabs

Disables the tabs if they are currently enabled, or enables them if they are currently disabled.

Toolbar - Show

Toggles (shows or hides) the main toolbar.

Toolbar - Customize

Opens the Customize Toolbar window for the main toolbar.

Drive bar - Show

Toggles the Drive bar.

Drive bar - Reset

Resets the Drive bar. Use this command after adding or removing the logical drives, if the Drive bar does not update itself automatically.

Status bar - Show

Toggles the main status bar, that contains the command prompt and the indicators.

Status bar - Indicators

Opens the Status bar Indicators window.

Font - System

Switches to the system font to display file names.

Font - Custom

Selects a custom font to display file names.

Text Color - System

Switches to the system color to display file names.

Text Color - Custom

Selects a custom color to display file names.

Background Color - System

Switches to the system background color to display file information.

Background Color - Custom

Selects a custom background color to display file information. Note that due to the Windows limitations, it does not change the background color of the Name column in the file panels.

Full Screen

Switches the view to/from the full-screen mode.


Switches the main window to/from the maximized mode. This command has the same effect as the Maximize/Restore button in the title bar.


Allows to specify the size of the AB Commander window in a precise number of pixels.


Hides the main window and displays an icon in the taskbar notification area. You can then click on the icon with the mouse to restore the main window in its original position.

Refresh All

Updates the main window and both panels.


Opens the Options for AB Commander.

Import settings

Loads the previously saved settings from a file created with the Export Settings command.

Export settings

Saves the current settings into a file. The settings saved into a file contain all configuration data of AB Commander, including the positions and sizes of the widows, toolbars, colors, history lists, options, and all other customizable aspects of AB Commander. Later you can load the settings back from the file using the Import settings command.

Clear all history

Erases all history lists maintained by AB Commander (such as the list of the recently visited folders, opened files, etc. Note that it only clears the history maintained by AB Commander, and it has no effect on the history lists maintained by Windows and Windows Explorer that may appear within AB Commander.

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