This window is displayed when you choose the Options for tabs command from the View - Tabs menu, or from the rioght-click menu of the tab bar. This window contains the following areas:

Always show tabs

If this option is cleared, AB Commander automatically hides the tab bar when only one tab is open. (The tab bar automatically becomes visible again if you choose top open anothwer tab.) If this option is selected, then AB Commander keeps the tab bar visible even if only one tab if open.

Use Favorites labels for tabs

If this option is selected, and you have set up a label for a favorite folder that is displayed in a panel, this option makes the tab to display that label instead of the path to the folder.

Limit tab labels to ... characters

Use this area to specify how long the tab labels you want to be. If text of the label exceeds the specified number of characters, AB Commander will truncate the label text, using the ellipses (...) to indicate the omitted parts.

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