If you don't want other users to see the files of Folder Guard on your computer, you can configure Folder Guard to operate in the "stealth mode". To enable or disable this mode, use the Tools - Stealth Mode command of Folder Guard.

When you enable the stealth mode, Folder Guard performs the following actions for you:

- It assigns the hidden attribute to the shortcuts to Folder Guard, if they appear on the Start menu, on the All Programs menu, and on the Desktop. Note that only the shortcuts named Folder Guard, as created by the Folder Guard installation utility, get hidden in the stealth mode. If you rename the shortcuts, they will NOT be hidden when you enable the stealth mode. To hide such shortcuts, assign the hidden attribute to them manually. Note also that the hot key and the notification icon remain active even in the stealth mode; if you don't want them to be available, you should turn them off manually.

- It assigns the hidden attribute to the installation folder of Folder Guard. This way, other users would not be able to see the files of Folder Guard or disrupt its operation by deleting its files.

- It hides Folder Guard from the Add/Remove Programs command of Windows Control Panel. This way, other users would not be able to see the presence of Folder Guard in the list of the programs installed on your computer.


In the stealth mode, you cannot run the Folder Guard application in the usual way (because its shortcuts and the application folder become hidden!) To be able to control Folder Guard settings and the protection, consider doing the following:

- Before enabling the stealth mode, create the Emergency Recovery Utility and save it to an unprotected folder. Learn how to use it, because if your computer locks down due to the protection you set up, you may still be able to use this utility to get back to Folder Guard and disable the protection.

- You may want to set up a hot key and/or leave the notification icon visible to be able to open the Folder Guard application even in the stealth mode.

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