"Safe mode" is a special diagnostic mode of Windows, which you can use to troubleshoot problems with your computer. (You can find more information about the safe mode and how to use it in Windows Help.) When you reboot your computer in the safe mode, only the core Windows components are loaded and activated, leaving most extra software modules (including Folder Guard) in an inactive state. This means that when your computer is restarted in the safe mode, your computer is not protected by Folder Guard.

However, it is possible to configure Folder Guard to protect your computer even in the safe mode. Before you do that, though, make sure you have a system recovery disc and learn how to use the troubleshooting tools it contains, to be able to restore access to your computer should a conflict between Folder Guard and some other software or device on your computer occur. Please note that we DO NOT provide technical support regarding the use of the safe mode or the troubleshooting tools; please contact the manufacturer of your computer regarding such issues.

To enable Folder Guard protection in the safe mode, select the appropriate option on the Options view.

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