To completely uninstall Encryptability, it's not enough to simply delete its program files from the installation folder. To completely remove Encryptability from your computer, follow the instructions below.

IMPORTANT: If your computer is configured for several user accounts, login into the same user account that you were logged in when you were installing Encryptability. If you use Windows Fast User Switching, log off from all other accounts before trying to uninstall Encryptability.

If you have used Encryptability to create Virtual Encrypted Disks to keep your files, it's important to understand that after you have uninstalled Encryptability, you will not be able to start the Virtual Encrypted Disks and use the files they contain. So before uninstalling Encryptability, you may want to use Encryptability to start any Virtual Encrypted Disks, examine their contents, and move any files you want to keep out of them onto the regular storage devices of yours.

After making sure a Virtual Encrypted Disk does not contain any important files of yours, delete it, while you still have Encryptability installed on your computer. Deleting a Virtual Encrypted Disk will release the resources of your computer and free up the disk space on your storage device.

Note that if you plan to reinstall Encryptability later on, you do NOT need to delete the Virtual Encrypted Disks: you should be able to continue using them, as before, after you install Encryptability back. However, make sure that each such Virtual Encrypted Disk is stopped before uninstalling Encryptability. If Windows refuses to stop any Virtual Encrypted Disk because it still has files in use, restart the computer to release the files. (Do not start any Virtual Encrypted Disks after restarting Windows.)

After all Virtual Encrypted Disks have been stopped or deleted, go to Windows Control Panel, open the Apps, Programs and Features, or Add/Remove Programs item, and use it to uninstall Encryptability.

You may also be prompted to restart your computer, in order to deactivate Encryptability and release its files that are currently in use by Windows, before the removal can be completed.

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