AB Commander lets you customize its appearance and operation to suit your personal working style and preferences. Here is a few examples of what you can do:

Select the single-click or double-click activation

You can select the way of opening files and folders with the mouse by selecting the appropriate options on the Panels page of the Options window.

Change the size of the font used to display file names

You can increase or decrease the size of the font, or select a different font altogether with the Font command of the View menu.

Choose custom colors for the file panels

You can select the colors you like most with the Text Color and Background Color commands of the View menu.

Add and remove buttons to/from the toolbars

Simply right-click on the toolbar you want to change and choose the Customize Toolbar command from the popup menu. Then use the Customize Toolbar window to add or remove buttons to/from the toolbar, or to change the order of the existing buttons.

Disable the "quick rename" feature

Do you find it annoying that Windows always offers you to rename a file when you click on its name, even if all you want to do is select it? Well, with AB Commander you can stop that from happening, by clearing the Allow quick rename option on the Panels page of the Options window.

... and more!

If you have not done so yet, visit our web site now and download a free no-strings-attached-no-obligation installation file of AB Commander and see for yourself how AB Commander can be of use to you:

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