How do I enter the License Key?

Click on the question mark image in the top-right area of the SoftDetective window, and choose Enter license key from the menu.

IMPORTANT: When entering your license information, make sure you enter your name and the license key exactly as they are shown on your license certificate, including all capitalization and punctuation. Otherwise, SoftDetective may not accept the license key or may not register your information properly. You may wish to copy and paste the name and key from our message into the form, to avoid typos.

Can I use the same license key to install SoftDetective on several computers?

Yes, you can use the same license key, provided that you are installing it on no more computers than included in your license. Please refer to the file License.txt (installed along with other files of SoftDetective) for the detailed description of the terms of using this software on more than one computer. For information on our site license and quantity discounts, please visit our Online Store .

Does SoftDetective support the Metro interface of Windows 8?

No, it does not support the Metro interface. However, it fully supports the traditional Desktop interface of Windows 8, just like the previous versions of Windows.

May I give a copy of SoftDetective software to a friend?

Yes, you may give the installation files of our programs to your friends and associates. However, you may NOT share your license key, if any, with anybody else. Please remember that the license key we provide you with are for your own use only. If your friends like our programs, please let them purchase their own license keys. To avoid possible confusion, please give out the original installation files that you may download from our web site.

There are several other simple, but important conditions which we impose on further redistribution of our products. Please refer to the file License.txt in the folder where you have installed SoftDetective for the complete description of our distribution requirements.

How can I get a printed version of this guide?

This user's guide is available online in the printed-friendly format: 

Simply open the link above in your web browser and use the web browser's Print command to print it out on your printer.

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