You can use Folder Guard to protect folders on the removable drives. However, keep in mind that such protection would work only while the removable drive is attached to your computer, where Folder Guard software is installed and enabled. If you disconnect the removable drive and connect it to another computer (without Folder Guard software on it), the removable drive will NOT be protected. This is how Folder Guard works: it protects access to your folders dynamically, without modifying the folders or files.

If you require the removable drive to be protected on other computers as well, you need to use an encryption program, such as our software USBCrypt. Please visit the following web page for more information: 

Remember also that even the main hard drive of your computer, C:, that is usually not considered removable, can still be physically removed from your computer if the attacker has a physical access to it. The attacker could then attach your hard drive to another computer as an external drive, and read information from your C: drive without any restrictions. If you are concerned about such a possibility, then again, you should use encryption software to protect your sensitive files. (Remember, that Folder Guard does NOT encrypt your files or folders.)

If, however, the physical removal of the drives is not of concern in your situation, you can use Folder Guard to protect the removable drives in the same way as the other drives, using the same methods as described elsewhere in this Guide.

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