The Help menu of Folder Guard offers the following commands:

User's Guide

Opens the User's Guide of Folder Guard (the one you are reading now).

Restore hidden messages

Use this command to bring back the messages which you had previously turned off by selecting the Don't show this message again option.

Is this copy legal?

Lets you check the validity of your Folder Guard license.

Enter License Key

Lets you enter or display your license key for Folder Guard.

Buy now!

Takes you to the Online Store at the WinAbility.Com web site.


Takes you to the Upgrade Center at the WinAbility.Com web site.


Takes you to the customer support center at the WinAbility.Com web site.

Rate this app

Takes you to the Rate Folder Guard web page.


Opens WinAbility.Com web site in your default web browser.

About Folder Guard

Displays the version number and copyright notice.

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