The installation and operation of WinAbility Encryption Driver software is supported on the versions of Windows that are fully supported by Microsoft. At the time of this writing, the supported versions of Windows are:

Both the 32-bit and x64 editions of Windows are supported. Note that Windows Vista x64 and Windows Server 2008 x64 are NOT SUPPORTED. The reason is that Microsoft chose not to update  these versions to support the SHA256 digital signatures in the kernel mode, and without such support such systems cannot use the WinAbility Encryption Driver kernel driver.

IMPORTANT: For each supported version of Windows, all available service packs and Windows updates must be installed. If your computer is not set to install updates automatically, use Windows Update to check for available updates and install them. WinAbility Encryption Driver may not work properly if the latest updates are not installed.

WinAbility Encryption Driver may work with some of the older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, Vista, or Windows Server 2003 or 2008, but we do not support such configurations. You are advised to thoroughly test the software on the unsupported versions of Windows prior to purchasing it, to make sure it operates according to your requirements "out of the box".

WinAbility Encryption Driver is NOT compatible with Windows RT, Windows 95, 98, Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or any older version of Windows. WinAbility Encryption Driver is NOT compatible with Linux, OS X, or other operating systems that are not based on Windows.

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