WinAbility Encryption Driver (Driver) is a collection of software modules that implement various cryptographic algorithms and provide an API designed to be used by software applications to perform encryption and decryption of data, as well as other related functions. The Driver is designed to be used with the Windows operating system, starting with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

WinAbility Encryption Driver is included and used in the software product USBCrypt.

WinAbility Encryption Driver implements the support for creating the general purpose encrypted files and related password and encryption key management functionality. In particular, it allows for creating and managing the encrypted containers with the file systems inside (the Virtual Encrypted Disks).

WinAbility Encryption Driver contains a kernel driver (32- and 64- bit) that implements the functionality necessary to provide support for the Virtual Encrypted Disks. It also contains the user-mode module (again, 32- and 64-bit) that provides an API that allows the applications to create, start, stop, and perform other related operations with the Virtual Encrypted Disks. It also includes a service process that may help the system administrators manage the Driver and the Virtual Encrypted Disks.

In addition to the encryption algorithms, the Driver also implements several supporting algorithms, including a cryptographically strong pseudo-random data generator, a password hashing and key derivation algorithms, etc.

WinAbility Encryption Driver is currently a closed-source software. However, a review-only license to the source code of the Driver may be purchased by the interested parties, please contact us for the details.

Note: The purpose of this document is to provide a brief, high-level overview of the Driver. It is not intended to offer a complete and thorough description of all the technical details of the Driver.

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