If you have encrypted a drive with the USBCrypt  software, and would like to manage such a Virtual Encrypted Disk with Encryptability software instead, you can convert the Virtual Encrypted Disk from USBCrypt to Encryptability format by using the command Convert from USBCrypt from the File - More menu of the Encryptability application, which displays the following screen:

Select the drive you want to convert from the list and press the Convert to Encryptability button to begin the conversion. (If you don't see the drive you want to convert in the list, connect the drive to your computer.)

The conversion should take no more than a few seconds. After it's finished, USBCrypt may display a message that a Virtual Encrypted Disk has been deleted, and a new Virtual Encrypted Disk should appear in the list of Virtual Encrypted Disks displayed by the Encryptability application. (The converted Virtual Encrypted Disk will be located on the same physical drive, in the host folder named Encryptability.) Note that USBCrypt will no longer recognize the drive as encrypted, and you should use the Encryptability application to start, stop, or manage the converted Virtual Encrypted Disk instead of USBCrypt.

After a Virtual Encrypted Disk has been converted, you can use the Encryptability application to move it to a different host folder, if necessary, or to rename it, if you wish, and perform other operations, as with any other Virtual Encrypted Disk created with Encryptability.

Can I convert the Virtual Encrypted Disk back to USBCrypt?

Yes, but you need to use the USBCrypt  software to convert a Virtual Encrypted Disk from the Encryptability to USBCrypt format. Please refer to the USBCrypt documentation for more information about the process.

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