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ActiveExit is a software tool that you can set up to automatically log off Windows users after a period of their inactivity, or shut down the inactive computers. With ActiveExit, you can:

Log off the inactive users automatically

ActiveExit monitors the user activity (the keyboard, the mouse, and/or the CPU). If no activity has been detected during the time interval of your choosing, ActiveExit displays a message to the user (for the duration of your choosing, too). If no user activity detected after that, ActiveExit will forcefully log-off that user from Windows.

Log off the inactive users even if they locked their screens

ActiveExit will log off an inactive user even if the user has locked the screen before leaving. (The administrator will no longer have to unlock the screen manually each time it happens).

Log off the inactive users even if they set up custom screen savers

Unlike WINEXIT and other similar software utilities, ActiveExit does not replace the screensaver of the user with its own. If fact, ActiveExit does not depend on the Windows screensaver functionality at all.

Log off the inactive users even if they have unsaved changes

This is a powerful feature of ActiveExit that you should consider carefully. Normally, if a user attempts to log off while there are unsaved changes to the documents, Windows prompts the user to save the changes before logging off. With ActiveExit, the automatic log off happens unconditionally, even if there are changes still unsaved by the user. The unsaved changes, if any, will be lost and the user will be logged off.

Shut down the inactive computers

ActiveExit offers you an option to shutdown, sleep, or hibernate the computer after all users log off and no user logs on to it during the period you specify.

Attention System Administrators

ActiveExit is enterprise-ready! It fully supports Active Directory and Group Policy, to simplify its deployment and management within large networks.

If you have not done so yet, visit our web site now and download a free no-strings-attached installation file of ActiveExit and see for yourself how ActiveExit can be of use to you:

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