This window is displayed when you choose the Split command from the Command menu. You can use this window to split the selected files into file segments of smaller size. This window contains the following areas:


This read-only area displays information about the selected file(s) that will be split by this command.

From Folder

This read-only area displays the full path to the active folder that contains the source file(s) to be split.

To Folder

The full path to the destination folder. This area is initialized with the path to the passive folder, but you can change it to any other folder. If you clear this area, the destination folder is assumed to be the same as the source folder.

Rename To

The new name or mask to rename the file segments. If this area is empty, or contains the *.* mask, no renaming occurs. Note that the numeric three-digit extension will be added to the name of each segment automatically.

Delete source file(s) when done

If this option is checked, the original files would be deleted after they have been split into the segments.

Segment size

Enter the size of the segments you want the file(s) to be split into. If only one file is selected for splitting, the area below this box will display the number of the resulting segments and the size of the last segment.

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