This window is displayed when you press the Options button on the toolbar of the Quick Editor window. You can use this window to change the appearance and operation of the internal Quick Editor of AB Commander. This window contains the following areas:

Custom fonts

Lets you choose the custom fonts (both the variable and fixed width) that should be used to display the contents of the files with the internal Quick Editor.

Default type of the new text files

Lets you specify the default type of the files created when you use the New command of the internal Quick Editor.

Use Esc key to deselect text if there is selection

If selected, this option lets you press the Esc key to deselect text if there is a selection. If this option is not selected, then the Esc may close Quick editor (if the following option is selected) even if there is a selection of text.

Use Esc key to close Quick Editor

If selected, this option lets you press the Esc key to close the currently open window of the internal Quick Editor (which would have the same effect as the Close command). Note that if the previous option is selected, and there is a text selected, then pressing Esc would remove the selection instead of closing Quick Editor. Pressing Esc the second time (after the selection has been removed) would close Quick Editor.

Warn if opening a write-protected file

If selected, this option causes AB Commander to display a message if it detects that the file you are opening with the internal Quick Editor if write-protected. The message may prompt you to restart AB Commander as administrator, or to simply warn you about the situation, if AB Commander is already restarted as administrator. If you clear this option, then AB Commander will not display such a warning. In any case, AB Commander adds the text Write-protected to the title bar of the Quick Editor window if it detects that the file is write-protected.

Tab stops (characters)

The number of character to indent the text for each tab character. The default is 8 characters.

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