AB Commander Administrator's Kit is a set of tools designed to help system administrators with deployment and management of AB Commander on a network.

The kit contains the following files:

You can use the MSI packages to quickly deploy AB Commander within a large number of computers on your network. You should use the x86 file to install AB Commander on the 32-bit clients, and the x64 package (that contains the native 64-bit executables) to install it on the clients with the x64 versions of Windows.

The Administrative Template file can be used to deliver the license key to the client computers, as well as to set up restrictions for AB Commander on the client computers. For example, you can limit the browsing to the specific folders, you can lock various elements of AB Commander user interface, and you can disable virtually any command of AB Commander if its use by your clients is for some reason undesirable.

AB Commander Administrator's Kit is available as a separate download. Please contact us  if you are interested in ordering the kit.

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