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Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking for effective ways to protect their sensitive, private information. USBCrypt is a powerful Windows-based encryption program that protects private information from unauthorized access. It locks the bad guys out of your company's personal, business, tax, and financial data, and provides a layer of protection that is essential for owners of startups and small enterprises.

USBCrypt for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and owners of startup companies use USBCrypt to encrypt USB thumb drives and other removable and fixed drives with strong encryption. The USBCrypt application uses AES encryption to protect files, the strongest protection available to business people. Using USBCrypt, entrepreneurs can be sure that their tax, investment, and financial data are safe and secure.

USBCrypt Simplifies File Storage for Entrepreneurs

To make it easy for small business owners to work with USBCrypt, the software is completely integrated into the Windows shell. This makes working with encrypted drives easy and intuitive for non-technical users. The USBCrypt's friendly interface is written in ordinary business English, and contains no tech-talk.

Best of all, the drives encrypted with USBCrypt will work fine on other Windows computers, even if they don't have USBCrypt software installed on them. This lets entrepreneurs safely protect their files when they use a USB thumb drive or other removable disk to move these files between office and home office. Even if you lose a USB drive that contains your sensitive financial data or marketing plans, the encrypted drive will be completely safe from prying eyes. Without knowing the proper password, outsiders will be unable to access your files. This makes USBCrypt the perfect tool for making routine backups of all of your business data.

USBCrypt Works on All Windows Hard Drives

Most entrepreneurs store their sensitive data on some combination of internal hard drives, portable hard drives, USB thumb drives, flash memory drives, and rewritable discs. If your Windows-based computer recognizes the drive that you're using, USBCrypt can encrypt it and protect it. There is currently no technology available that allows the bad guys to break into an entrepreneur's USBCrypt AES encryption regimen. Your private business and financial information will be safe and secure - and private.

Entrepreneurs Don't Need To Understand Data Storage Technology

Unlike many encryption applications, USBCrypt doesn't require business people to understand complicated concepts such as NTFS and FAT/FAT32. The software can handle all of these computer storage protocols. USBCrypt automatically determines the type of drive that you're using, so you can concern yourself with your business enterprise.

Some business owners worry that their huge financial spreadsheets might be too large for most software packages to encrypt. USBCrypt can encrypt drives of any size, from one megabyte to the upper limit of Windows. After the initial encryption of your company's data, your large drives will work just as fast as the small ones.

Store Business Data Securely on Any Windows Computer

USBCrypt runs on desktops, laptops, netbooks, workstations, servers, and tablet computers. If your computer runs Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10 - including the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems - then USBCrypt is the best solution for keeping your firm's information safe and secure.

USBCrypt is Affordable for Startup Companies

A single-user business license for USBCrypt costs $99.95(US). It's an affordable price for ensuring that your company's information is safe and secure.

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