USBCrypt Lite - free encryption software for Windows

USBCrypt Lite is a full-featured and powerful encryption software that you can use to create password-protected areas on the external and internal USB and other drives where you can store sensitive files that you don't want to fall into the wrong hands.

We've created USBCrypt Lite while keeping the common PC users in mind: it's perfect if you occasionally use an external USB drive to backup your important files and documents and want the backup to be securely protected against unauthorized access.

You can try USBCrypt Lite for 30 days without any obligation.

How is USBCrypt Lite different from the full version of USBCrypt?

USBCrypt Lite is based on USBCrypt encryption software. USBCrypt Lite offers the same rich functionality as the full version of USBCrypt, except for one thing: with USBCrypt Lite you can have only one encrypted drive unlocked at a time. If you have several encrypted USB drives, and have one of them unlocked, then in order to unlock another encrypted USB drive, you need to lock the first drive, before unlocking the second drive. In all other respects USBCrypt Lite is identical to USBCrypt.

USBCrypt Lite can only be used on one personal computer at your home. If you want to install it on more than one computer, or in your office, please purchase a license for the full edition of USBCrypt.

If it's free, why is it asking me for a license key?

Even if it's free, the license key is still required. (You can find your license key information in the same message that we sent you after you clicked the GET USBCRYPT LITE button above.) If you do not enter the license key into the program, the software may ask you to purchase it, for the purchase price of 0. It may also ask you to purchase the full version of USBCrypt, which is not free, of course.

OK, how can I get USBCrypt Lite?

Just press the GET USBCRYPT LITE button above. We will send you an email with the download link instruction and your personal license key.

But I want to unlock more than one encrypted drive at a time!

Definitely, just upgrade to the full version of USBCrypt, and you should be able to have as many encrypted drives unlocked at the same time as you want.

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