Suspending all sales to fascist Russia

Effective immediately and until further notice, we are suspending all sales to any entity located in or associated with Russia.

An exception may be granted, at our sole discretion, to an entity which would provide a sufficient proof of a sizable donation to one of the internationally recognized charities providing support to Ukraine and its people.

Glory to Ukraine!


  1. Does this mean that an individual living in Russia will also not be able to purchase anything before donating a certain amount of money? If so, who do you think is the fascist here, as a Russian consumer am forced to donate funds I work for like any other, to receive the same treatment as any other customer? Now take a long look in that mirror of yours you wake up in and check who is being the most fascist, Russian consumers or you? ( both having no direct effect on what is happening)

  2. Hello Alexi, thank you for voicing your concern. It appears though that we have a different understanding of what ‘fascism’ is. You seem to think that refusing to sell products to people in a particular country qualifies as that. What about deliberate targeting of the residential areas and killing innocent civilians? What about forcing millions of people to leave everything behind and run for their lives? What about making it criminal to report real news from the war? Here is a suggestion: lets look up on the web what fascism is, maybe watch a few documentaries, and while we are at that, let’s look at what Russian military is actually doing in Ukraine (as reported by sources other than the Russian Ministry of Truth), and then return here and continue this discussion? Deal?

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