Press Release: StartFinity for Windows 8

For Immediate Release

For more information contact:
WinAbility Software Corp.

StartFinity, the missing Start Menu for Windows 8, is here

WinAbility Software has released StartFinity, a Windows 8 program that adds a Start button to Windows 8 desktop. When the Start button is pressed, StartFinity displays the Start Menu similar to the built-in Start menu of Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows. StartFinity enables Windows 8 users to utilize the familiar Start Menu interface to navigate to the Documents, Pictures, Music, and other folders, launch programs from the Programs menu, open Control Panel, or use the Shut Down menu commands to perform such tasks in a familiar fashion.

“While not the exact imitation of the Start Menu that Windows 7 has, StartFinity comes pretty close,” says Andrei Belogortseff, the founder and CEO of WinAbility Software. “The StartFinity Start Menu even comes with a search box where you can type a few letters of a program’s name you are looking for, and the matching items will be displayed as a list, for the user to choose from, pretty much like the Windows 7 search box does,” Andrei added.

StartFinity does not remove access to the new Start Screen of Windows 8: it adds a command at the very top of its Start Menu to allow the user to switch to the Start Screen at any time. The user has also an option to use the Windows key to activate the Start Menu (instead of clicking the Start button).

StartFinity can be used with both desktop and tablet computers running the Windows 8 operating system that offers the desktop mode. StartFinity cannot be used on Windows 8 computers that do not offer the desktop mode.

The full version of StartFinity can be purchased securely online from starting from $7.95 for a one-computer license. Multi-computer and site license discounts are available. StartFinity Starter edition is also available for free download from For more information, visit or contact WinAbility Software at P.O. Box 630272, Rockville, UT 84763-0272. Voice/FAX: +1(801)303-7310.

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  1. Using “8.1 for Dummies” I have all the features like start button, menu etc. The only part missing is the usual list of installed programmes. Is there any part of your star4tinfinity prog Icould use to add programmes to my start menu. If I use your startfinity does it have an uninstall in case I do not like the result?
    Manythanks – Revd John B. Newcome

  2. John: yes, StartFinity adds a start menu with the list of programs, etc. It comes with the uninstall command. You may want to try the free edition to see how it works, before purchasing the full edition.

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