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StartFinity Pro v.2.1 released

StartFinity Start Menu for Windows 8. (Click to enlarge) StartFinity Pro Start Menu (Click to enlarge)

We've received a great feedback from the users who downloaded StartFinity Pro. The number one question we heard was: why have a separate Apps menu, when you already have the Start Screen command? Why not combine them into a single item, and make more room for other useful commands on the Start Menu?

Well, dear faithful StartFinity users, your wild dream has come through: we have just released a new version and in this version the Apps menu has been merged into the Start Screen menu, just as you asked!

To update your existing StartFinity installation, right-click on the StartFinity start button, choose Check for updates from the shortcut menu, and it will guide you through the update.

Or, go to the Download StartFinity page to download and install StartFinity 2.1 manually.

Happy computing!