Folder Guard 9.0 certified for Windows 8

We've just released a new version 9.0 of our security product Folder Guard. This version was submitted to the Windows 8 Application Certification and we are happy to report that it passed the tests and is now officially compatible with Windows 8.

Besides the compatibility with Windows 8, this version offers many improvements, such as:

  • The user interface has been updated, that will hopefully make Folder Guard even easier to use than before.
  • The Permissions command has been removed. If you used on this command in the previous version, you may want to use the Group Policy and Local Security Policy commands of Windows instead.
  • The Trusted Programs list now uses the full path to the program's file to determine whether it should be trusted. With this change, if you have added a custom trusted program to the list in the previous version, you will need to add it again, using its full path.
  • The protection of the folders on the mapped network drives is no longer offered. If you relied on this feature in the previous version of Folder Guard, you may want to use the built-in network security of Windows to control access to the network drives.
  • Folder Guard now automatically handles the proper access to the desktop.ini files of the protected folders, to preserve the custom icons and other customizations of the folders, if any.
  • Folder Guard no longer supports the pre-Windows XP versions of Windows (such as Windows 2000 and earlier).
  • In order to use the filters of Folder Guard, you must now purchase a full (business) license. If you purchase a personal/home use license only, the filters will have no effect.
  • Many other improvements and corrections have been made.

As before, Folder Guard 9.0 comes with a free 30-day license for you to try it out before purchasing it.

If you have not done so yet, feel free to download a free no-strings-attached-no-obligation evaluation version of Folder Guard and see for yourself how Folder Guard can be of use to you:

User's Guide | Videos | Download | Purchase

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