Audiobit Music Player for Windows Phone 8.1 released

We've recently released Audiobit Music Player for Windows Phone 8.1 and it's getting great ratings from the users! Audiobit is a folder player that you can use to browse your phone and/or the SD card inserted into the phone and play the music files they contain directly from the app.

Audiobit does not use the MP3 tags or other information that the music files may contain. Instead, it uses the folder names and the file names of the music tracks to display the music on your phone. This way, you have the full control of how your music is organized and shown. You can connect the phone to your PC and use Windows Explorer (or better yet, our AB Commander) to move or rename the folders and the music files on your phone and the SD card it has. For example, you may want to move several folders containing albums from the same artist into a single artist folder, to keep them separate from other artists. If you don't like the way the tracks are displayed, just rename their files! And so on. Audiobit will show the folders and the tracks exactly as you have arranged them.

How to get Audiobit? From your Windows 8.1 phone, open Windows Store and search for Audiobit, then press the Install button after it's been displayed.

Happy listening!


  1. Seems to be what I’ve been hoping for. Does it have a settable automatic off feature? I like for music to put be to sleep, then stop playing after a preset length of time. Does this player have this feature?

  2. Thom: thank you for your feedback. We are working on an update that would add the sleep timer to it. Stay tuned!

  3. The app’s great. But some key features are still missing, like custom play lists, organizing by genre, artist, etc. Do you plan adding some of these soon?

  4. Hartmut: thank you for your kind words. We’ve been working on an update that will bring several new features to Audiobit. However, we do not plan on adding the futures you mentioned: “custom play lists, organizing by genre, artist”, because Audiobit is a folder player: it lets you organize the music yourself any way you want, by putting the music files into the appropriate folders. If you want your music to be organized by artist or genre, please consider using the built-in music player app, it does a great job with that.

  5. And again no seamless playing.

    I will not question your efforts but is it really impossible to to play 2 tracks without a annoying gap?
    Is it my phone (Lumia 735) or just WP8.1

    What use is a folder player when it cannot play a album without gaps

  6. simon: we were not able yet to find a way to play the files seamlessly, sorry. The current software of Windows Phone 8.1 does not allow for it. We are hoping WP10 will be better in this way.

  7. Finally! Where has this app been since I have a WP8? Only now I’ve found this? =D This App does exactly what I want and need. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work! Wish you the best.

  8. This is a fantastic app. I found the native music player absolutely awful as it split albums (amongst other things) and nokia mix is no better. I still can’t fathom why so many other players (vlc, winamp) fail to recognise the sd card. My music is in the music folder and all the albums are in their own folders so this program is ideal for me.
    Keep up the good work, it’s greatly appreciated. Is there a way I can donate for this program? Let me know if so.

    Thanks again!

  9. Just found this app. Awesome just for playing of folders. Any chance of a shuffle button ?…unless i missed it. Good luck with the future

  10. Thank you for this great app. The player stops at the end of each album (folder). Would it be possible to automatically continue playing the next album (folder)?

  11. Thank God I finally found an App that allows me to organise, find and play my music using folders – the way I’ve been doing it for over 15 years.
    I hate Tag based systems and the default Windoes Phone music player, so my Lumia Phone just increased in functionality dramatically.
    Many, many thanks.

  12. Nice work. It would really help if you could provide for sorting by “date, file ext., size etc” so recently added songs could be accessed more easily..

  13. Thank you!
    I found this application and now I can finally listen my music well organized in folders without being obliged to create playlists.
    I look forward for the improvements sugested by the others users.
    Wish you the best!

  14. Love the folder approach, but it doesn’t play all the mp3s that play on my PC via media player or groove. Get a message saying I may need to convert to mp3, but it is already mp3.

  15. wendwell: can you play such mp3 files with the standard music app included with the phone? If not, in could be that the files got corrupted during the transfer; try to delete them and then copy them over to the phone again. Can you play them on the PC? If yes, please open Properties for one such file and send us the details, such as the bit rate and the encoder information, and we will investigate.

  16. We need ‘back’ button, please :( Yes, we have the phone back button, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Please add back button in the app. Thanks.

  17. nenad: the back button is already there: if you press the name of the parent folder at the top of the screen, you will go back to that folder.

  18. need the below
    1) need Shuffle option
    2) can you incorporate the equalizer into the player
    3) when I pin your player to the start screen the tile syncs with the color theme of the phone, please create your own tile.
    4) need Stop button
    5) changing tracks or other operations by physically shaking the phone (offered in Android), I have almost downloaded available three players in windows stores and is not up to the mark.
    6) the appearance of player need to be improved (if possible include different color schemes and different models of the player)
    7) need search option

  19. What a relief when I opened the app for the first time and saw FOLDERS with the music in them. Brilliant app that doesn’t try to take over….

  20. Two important things are missing:
    1.) Recursion -> play a folder’s ans all containung subfolder’s music
    2.) Shuffle

  21. Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!! Hours spent with various players trying to access complete albums (getting split up all over the place) – this is so simple. Thank you!!

  22. Please i needed this app. I have a windows phone device and this app is accesible with screen reader for blind users

  23. @Guiador: We are sorry but since Microsoft stopped developing for Windows Phone, we’ve stopped offering this app as well. You may want to search for another app that suits your needs.

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