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Forget VeraCrypt password? Here is how to recover it.

ActiveExit updated to v.22.6

Why do my desktop icons keep moving?

Icon Shepherd v.22.5 released

Folder Guard updated to v.22.5

How to create a private folder in Windows 11 and 10

How to restrict access to Windows Settings with Folder Guard

Suspending all sales to fascist Russia

Folder Guard v.22.3 released

Active Exit v.22.1 released

AB Commander v.22.1 released

AB Commander 21.12 released

AB Commander v.21.10 released

How to keep desktop icons from moving by running Icon Shepherd from command line

Icon Shepherd v.21.8 released

StartFinity v.21.7 for Windows 11 released

AB Commander updated to v.21.6

How to restrict access to Task Manager with Folder Guard

Folder Guard updated to v.21.4

Encryptability updated to v.21.3

USBCrypt updated to v.21.3

Take ownership of your files after access denied due to NTFS permissions

How to reprogram or disable CAPS LOCK key

AB Commander updated to v.21.3.1

AB Commander updated to v.21.3

Encryptability vs Folder Guard: which one to choose?

Troubleshooting software removal problems using MSI files

USBCrypt updated to v.21.1

Encryptability 21.1 released

Encryptability: Compare Personal and Business Licenses

Folder Guard updated to v.20.10.3

Folder Guard updated to v.20.10

AB Commander updated to v.20.9

Folder Guard updated to v.20.9

MySecretFolder 20.8 released

AB Commander 20.8 released

AB Commander 20.6 released

Solved: How to add Group Policy and Local Security Policy to Windows 11 and 10 Home edition

File too large for USB drive? Here is how to fix it.

Forget your WI-FI password? Find it in Windows 11 and 10 settings

What is FAT32 maximum file size limit?

AB Commander 20.5 released

How to create a secret folder in Windows 11 and 10

How to easily password-protect Windows Linux folders with Folder Guard

How to reset the root password after upgrading MariaDB

How to upgrade MySQL or MariaDB properly

Force DISKPART to delete EFI system partition in Windows 11 and 10

How to make Windows 11 and 10 recognize a cloned hard drive again

AB Commander 20.2 released

Folder Guard v.20.1 released

AB Commander 20.1 released

Icon Shepherd updated to v.19.10.2

ActiveExit updated to v.19.10

Icon Shepherd 19.10 released

Folder Guard updated to v.19.9

Active Exit updated to v.19.9

AB Commander v.19.8 released

How to stop Windows 11 and 10 from using thumbnail preview icons for folders

AB Commander v.19.7 released

Folder Guard v.19.7 released

Folder Guard updated to v.19.6

ActiveExit v.19.6 released

How to hide pictures from the Photos app in Windows 11 and 10

Folder Guard v.19.5 released

Folder Guard 19.4 released

AB Commander v.19.1 released

ActiveExit updated to v.18.10

AB Commander 18.8 released

Icon Shepherd 1.2 released

Folder Guard 18.7 released

USBCrypt 18.5 released

Folder Guard updated to v.18.5.1

Folder Guard updated to v.18.5

Folder Guard updated to v.18.4

Folder Guard updated to v.18.3

Folder Guard 18.1 released

AB Commander 17.11 released

Icon Shepherd 1.1 released

Folder Guard 17.7 released

Folder Guard updated to v.10.4.1

Folder Guard v. 10.4 is available now

ActiveExit 17.3 released

How to save Windows 10 Spotlight photos to your computer

AB Commander 17.1 released

Folder Guard updated to v.10.3

How to move the OneDrive folder to an encrypted drive

USBCrypt v.16.10 released

Folder Guard v.10.2 released

AB Commander updated to v.9.8.2

Folder Guard 10.1 released

AB Commander 9.8 released

Windows 10 fails to upgrade? Here is how to fix it.

How to stop Microsoft Edge from hijacking PDF files

Preventing installations of specific programs with Folder Guard

USBCrypt 16.6 released

AB Commander 9.7 released

Folder Guard 10 certified for Windows 10

Folder Guard licensing explained

Speed up the updates of the network folders

Make your Windows laptop work as a Wi-Fi access point

How to stop auto update in Windows 10 and 11

StartFinity Pro v.2.3 released

Solved: Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied.

USBCrypt 15.8 certified for Windows 10

AB Commander v.9.6 certified for Windows 10

StartFinity Pro v.2.2 certified for Windows 10

USBCrypt 15.4 released

Audiobit Music Player for Windows Phone 8.1 released

AB Commander v.9.5 released

StartFinity Pro v.2.1 released

USBCrypt updated to v.14.6

Migrating encrypted data from TrueCrypt to USBCrypt

Enhancing a photo CD collection with PhotoLauncher

“The Microsoft account service is unavailable right now. Try again later.”

StartFinity Pro released

Using DiffMerge as the external tool of AB Commander to compare plain text files

AB Commander v.9.4 released

MySecretFolder v.5.3 released

How to repair the icon cache and/or thumbnail cache in Windows 11 and 10

Transferring images between your PC and an Android device: Part 2

Transferring images between your PC and an Android device: Part 1

AB Commander 9.3 released

Case study: Using SoftDetective to suppress Corel Guide sign-in prompt

MySecretFolder 5.2 certified for Windows 8.1

USBCrypt 13.11 certified for Windows 8.1

Using junction points to change the iTunes backup folder location

SoftDetective 1.1 released

AB Commander updated to v.9.0.2

How to tell if my Windows is 32- or 64-bit?

How do I stop Windows from rearranging my desktop icons?

Folder Guard updated to version 9.1

Organize your photo library with the Rename tool of AB Commander

AB Commander 9.0 released

Verrouillé vos dossiers et disques durs avec mot de passe

Pourquoi ne puis-je pas copier des fichiers volumineux, de plus de 4 GB sur ma clé USB ?

Bloquea carpetas y unidades de disco con contraseñas

Ordner und Laufwerke mit Passwörtern schützen

¿Por qué no puedo copiar archivos superiores a 4 GB en mi dispositivo flash USB?

Warum kann ich keine großen Dateien mit mehr als 4 GB auf meinen USB-Stick kopieren?

StartFinity v.1.4 updated for Windows 8.1

StartFinity updated to version 1.3

Folder Guard 9.0 certified for Windows 8

Windows does not offer the NTFS format option? Here is how to bring it back.

How to encrypt Firefox profile, bookmarks, and cookies

Restarting Windows 11, 10, and Windows 8 in the safe mode

Integrating AB Commander with Universal Viewer

MySecretFolder 5 certified for Windows 8

AB Commander 8.5 certified for Windows 8

Press Release: StartFinity for Windows 8

How to delete a protected EFI system partition with Windows 11,10, 8, or 7

AB Commander 8.4 released

We are sending our CEO to build the water stations for elephants in Africa!

WinAbility software and Windows 8 get along just fine!

Using Folder Guard to protect from the social engineering attacks

How to erase Windows login password if you forget it

AB Commander v.8.3 released

How to unhide a folder hidden with Folder Guard

How to repair Windows desktop icons with AB Commander

Slow network in Windows 7 Virtual PC? Speed it up!

How to show drive letters first in AB Commander and Windows Explorer

What is my IP address?

Folder Guard 8.4 released

AB Commander updated to version 8.2

Why can’t I copy large files over 4GB to my USB flash drive or SD card?

AB Commander updated to version 8.1

ActiveExit updated to version 10.8.2

Test the strength of your password with USBCrypt

AB Commander 8.0 released

How to set up an external text editor for AB Commander

How to restrict Internet Explorer from downloading programs from the Internet

Personal vs business license for USBCrypt

Use Folder Guard to restrict access to Control Panel

Compare MySecretFolder and Folder Guard

Hide folders and make files invisible with Folder Guard

WINEXIT vs ActiveExit: automatically log off users from Windows

Password protect folders, lock files and folders with passwords

ActiveExit version 10.8.1 released

Folder Guard 8.3.2 (minor update)

How to restrict access and lock external drives with Folder Guard

Folder Guard updated to version 8.3.1

How to password-protect Dropbox folder with USBCrypt

How to set up Folder Guard to stop downloading from the Internet

Folder Guard 8.3 released

Is [Wipe the content] the same as [Secure Delete]?

AB Commander version 7.7 released

How to encrypt and protect the system C: drive with USBCrypt

Make it easier to return your lost encrypted drive

USBCrypt for users of Microsoft® Office

USBCrypt updated to v.10.9

How to start programs elevated from a batch file

How to make elevated programs recognize network drives

How to disable hibernation with AB Commander

Using names and labels to organize USBCrypt drives

USBCrypt 10.8 is out!

A major update to ActiveExit released

A minor fix for AB Commander released

AB Commander updated to version 7.5.6

How to password-protect a USB flash drive

Space Investigator released

AB Commander 7.5 released

USBCrypt 10.3 released!

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