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We've just released an update to AB Commander, version 8.3. This update offers several improvements:

  • The Rename and Delete commands are now faster and handle the selection of the files better: after a file has been deleted or moved, the next file is automatically selected for you, minimizing the need to scroll, if you have a large number of files displayed.
  • A new option to show the Re-establishing/Closing Connections messages has been implemented. When AB Commander is starting and attempting to connect to the network shared or drives, the connection to such network folders can take a rather long time. Previously, AB Commander did not display any visual indication about the process, and that could leave the user wondering why AB Commander did not display its window fast, as it usually does. Now, AB Commander shows a progress window informing the user that AB Commander is trying to re-establish the connection. A similar message is also displayed when AB Commander is shutting down and attempting to close the network connection that takes longer than usual. We hope such messages offer better user experience. However, if you don't like seeing such messages, you can turn them off using the Options command of AB Commander.
  • Better handling of some unusual situations that previously might have caused AB Commander to crash.
  • Several minor improvements and corrections have been made: the Free Space indicator is now displaying the result with an additional decimal point; the Quick Editor no longer prompts you to restart as Administrator when you open a text file located on a CD-ROM drive, etc.
  • As usual, if you have purchased your AB Commander license within the previous 12 months, you can upgrade to this version free of charge: just download the new version and install it over the previous one. If your one year of free upgrades has already expired, you can purchase the new version and receive the automatic 50% upgrade discount. If you have not purchased a license yet, feel free to download AB Commander and give it a try: it's free for 30 days!

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