AB Commander 8.5 certified for Windows 8

We've just released an updated version 8.5 of AB Commander file manager. This version was submitted to the Windows 8 Application Certification and we are happy to report that it passed the tests and is now officially compatible with Windows 8.

Besides the compatibility with Windows 8, this version offers several minor improvements and fixes, such as:

  • The Duplicate Current Tab command, the tooltips that show the full path, and the tabs, and several other improvements.
  • A new option: Invoke Go to Parent folder when double-clicking on empty space.
  • The horizontal scroll bars now automatically appear or disappear as needed on the Folder bars.
  • ... and a few other little things

As before, AB Commander 8.5 comes with a free 30-day license for you to try it out before purchasing it.

Happy file managing!

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