StartFinity Starter Edition

StartFinity Starter Edition offers most of the functionality of the full version of StartFinity: it installs the Start button on your Windows 8 desktop, that you can click to open the Start Menu to get access to the usual commands and places, including the Programs menu, Documents, Pictures, Music, Control panel, and so on:

StartFinity Start Menu - the Starter Edition
StartFinity Start Menu - the Starter Edition (click to enlarge)

There are three important differences between the Starter and full editions, though. The first one you can see on the screenshot above: it's the WinAbility Software command at the very bottom of the Start Menu. This command appears only in the Starter edition of StartFinity. If you click on it, it will open a list of links to the web pages with more information about our software products (the ones you can read about at this web site). We have included such a command in the Starter edition to help subsidize the development and distribution of the free Starter edition of StartFinity. Note that if you purchase and install the full version of StartFinity, the WinAbility Software command will NOT appear on Start Menu.

The second difference is the ability to customize the top level of the StartFinity Start Menu. The full version offers the Customize Start Menu command that lets you choose which commands should or should not appear on Start Menu, and whether they should or should not be displayed as menus:

StartFinity Start Menu for Windows 8 is customizable
Customizing the Start Menu (click to enlarge)

The Starter edition does not offer the Customize Start Menu command. Note that you can still change the contents of the various submenus that appear on Start Menu, by modifying the contents of the appropriate folders directly. For example, you can create a submenu under the Documents menu by creating a folder within the Documents folder using File Explorer. You cannot, however, use such a method to change the contents of the top-level Start Menu with the Starter edition of StartFinity.

The third, and final, difference is that the Starter edition of StartFinity can only be used on the private, personal computers, not used for any business or employment related tasks. (Read the full text of the End User License Agreement.) For example, if you use your home computer to browse the web, check email, watch movies, etc., and don't use it for any business purpose, you may install and use the Starter edition of StartFinity on it, free of charge. If however, you use your home computer to do accounting for your small home-based business, or to use it for any other income producing activity, you may not use the Starter edition, you must purchase the full version of StartFinity for such a computer.

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