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MySecretFolder v.5.3 released

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April 2, 2014.

A new version 5.3 of MySecretFolder utility is available now for download and purchase!

What's new in this version:

  • The user interface is updated to better adjust to the high DPI display settings.
  • A problem has been corrected that caused the Reset Password link on the password prompt window not to work in some situations.
  • Several other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

As usual, the trial version of MySecretFolder comes with a free license for 30 days of full use. If you have not tried it yet, please feel free to download it and give it a try.

And, of course, if you have purchased your MySecretFolder within the last 12 months, you can upgrade to this version free of charge (for the earlier purchasers the 50% upgrade discount is also available.)

MySecretFolder 5.2 certified for Windows 8.1

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Business license $39.95

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We are excited to announce that the new version 5.2 of MySecretFolder software has been certified to be officially compatible with Windows 8.1!

Besides the Windows 8.1 compatibility, MySecretFolder 5.2 offers several improvements, such as:

  • Back by popular demand, the option to create a hot key, to quickly unlock the secret folder by pressing a key combination of your choice.
  • An option to open the secret folder automatically right after unlocking it.
  • An option to lock the secret folder back automatically when closing its window.
  • Several other minor improvements and enhancements.

Download MySecretFolder 5 now and give it a try!

Note that MySecretFolder is a desktop application, so it is not for the Windows RT computers. Besides Windows 8 and 8.1, it is also backward compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP, both 32- and 64-bit.

More information

Compare MySecretFolder and Folder Guard

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Encrypt and password-protect external drives with USBCrypt software for Windows 10,8,7, and XP.
User rating: 4.7/5
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  • MySecretFolder has a simple and straightforward user interface, which you may find much easier to use than that of Folder Guard. On the other hand, Folder Guard offers more protection options, giving you more flexibility in protecting your computer resources.
  • MySecretFolder can protect only one folder at any given time, while Folder Guard lets you protect any number of files and folders at the same time.
  • MySecretFolder simply hides the secret folder, while Folder Guard lets you fine-tune the access rights to the folder (for example, make it read-only or prevent all access to it, make the folder itself hidden or only its contents, etc.)
  • MySecretFolder protects the folder in the same way for all users of your computer, while Folder Guard lets you set up the protection so that any particular folder may be protected from some users and accessible to others.
  • There are many other important features offered by Folder Guard but not supported by MySecretFolder, such as user permissions, trusted modules, file filters, and more.

More information about Folder Guard

More information about MySecretFolder

Please feel free to download the fully functional evaluation version and give it a try. If you don’t like it, use Windows Control Panel to uninstall it, no strings attached.