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May 4, 2017.

A new version 10.4 of Folder Guard software is available now for download and purchase!

This update offers several improvements to Folder Guard 10, such as:

  • The language of the user interface of Folder Guard can now be changed directly, without the need to install a different language version.
  • A new option has been added that allows you to choose whether to show or hide the Unlock buttons on the password-protected folders. If you choose not to display such buttons, you can still unlock the password-protected folders by using the right-click menu, for example.

As usual, the trial version of Folder Guard 10.4 comes with a free license for 30 days of full use. If you have not tried it yet, please feel free to download it and give it a try.

And, of course, if you have purchased your Folder Guard license within the last 12 months, you can upgrade to this version free of charge (for the earlier purchasers the 50% upgrade discount is also available.)

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